Language Center

Language Center

/Head of the Center – Doctor of Philology Otar Mateshvili/


Language Center has been functioning since the first days of founding of the Georgian University. Its primary goal is to teach the University students the foreign languages within the credit-frame stipulated by their curricula. Actually every BA, MA and PhD student has the opportunity to improve his/her language competence by one or even two levels. It’s common knowledge that mastering a foreign language is indispensable in today’s ever-changing and mobile world. In order to achieve professional success one should know a foreign language at least at B2 level that implies independent usage of language for professional needs as well as for better understanding of culture and people of a foreign country.

The Language Center is ready to offer the students LSP (languages for specific purposes) according to their professional needs.

Currently five languages are taught at the University – English, German, French, Russian and Spanish. In case of need we can offer any other language to our students. The professional staff engaged in teaching of the languages is notable for their extreme loyalty and correctness towards colleagues as well as the students. Otherwise it is even unthinkable at the University that is founded by the Patriarchate of Georgia.

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Contact Number: (+995 32) 225 82 40